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30 Day SPECIAL, Let Aloha Consulting Get Visibility for Your Campaign into the AAPI Community $300 a week for 4 Weeks


  1. Daily Postings on all Social Media, (Client supply's Campaign Card)

  2. 1000 e-mails with Campaign Information directing Voters based on Political Party to Candidate Website. Candidate to provide weekly count of hits on Website

  3. Events List for Political & Community Events Weekly or more

  4. Door-to-door Lit Drops to Voters in Precincts in areas in District or County Wide based on Political Party

  5. Aloha Consulting will provide Weekly Report.

  6. NO 2 Candidates in same Race. 1st Come 1st Served

At Aloha Consulting, we know how important this race is to you and we are to help you WIN!

Aloha Consulting specializes in political campaign consulting. With over 25 years in campaign services, we offer a wide variety of customized campaign options tailored to fit any race and budget. Our services include increasing name recognition, fund raising, polling, campaign literature design, event creation, campaign management and issue position development. A candidate can elect to choose a single service or use our entire portfolio of products. Please see below for a partial list of our services.

1. E-mail marketing directing voters to the candidate’s website or contact information.

2. Design campaign literature for distribution to the press and to voters by region.

3. Design advertising content for radio, newspaper, and television.

4. Placement of radio, newspaper, and television advertisements.

5. Fund raising by event, mail or e-mail.

6. Event promotion, setup, and marketing for candidate.

7. Pre-campaign polling to determine candidate’s viability and voter sentiment.

8. Campaign polling to track candidate’s position in race and determine voter sentiment.(Separate Cost).

9. Develop position papers on issues based on candidate’s preferences and voter input.

10. Phone bank development and operation VID )Voter ID, GOTV ( Get out the Vote)

11. Development and management of volunteer workforce.

12. Supply manpower to: Put up signs, door-to-door, phone calls.

13. Translations of your material to Tagalog to reach the Filipino community.

All activities conducted by Aloha Consulting during a campaign are undertaken only after consultation with and attaining approval of candidate.

For a FREE consultation to learn more about Aloha Consultings proven techniques of campaigning and our fee structure, please contact us.

Thank you & Good Luck




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